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Terahertz -the Energy of the Universe, was discovered during NASA's research in 1950; they have continued to study this energy and announced that the frequency emitted by Terahertz is very important for human life. THz frequencies are abundant in the universe (at least 98 percent of the detectable radiant energy in the universe falls within the THz) and correspond to frequencies found in our bodies, often referred to as the Radiation of Life. For this reason, Terahertz has come to be called "the ray of life" as an integral part of life's metabolism, growth and development.

THz emits far-infrared and negative ion energy, improving your inner body energy flow, this makes an excellent tool for meditation and breathing practice. It can activate your higher eight and ninth spiritual chakras connected between your personality and your higher self. These chakras allow you to access an expanded universe, increase your spiritual awareness and compassion, and free yourself from the weight of karmic residue.


In recent years, physicists and engineers have learned to detect and control almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from UVs to infrared to gamma rays. However, a range of frequencies still escaped scientists: the terahertz frequency (THz). But recently, a team of researchers has developed a THz graphene detection device capable of amplifying THz waves. A real scientific feat that could lead to a whole new technological era.

Terahertz (THz) waves lie between microwaves and infrared in the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, but due to their low energy, scientists have not been able to exploit their potential. The riddle is known in scientific circles as the "terahertz divide".

Being able to detect and amplify THz waves (T rays) would open up a new era of medical, communication, satellite, cosmological and other technologies. A major application would be a safe and non-destructive alternative to X-rays. However, so far, the wavelengths involved, which vary between 3 mm and 30 μm, have proven to be impossible to use due to relatively weak signals from from all existing sources.

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