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Basic Technique How to Use iTeraCare More Effectively

From: Dr.Steven Lai

Basic Technique how to use iTeraCare more effectively: Whole body: with the distance of 3-4cm, use the device vertically Speed: move with your suitable speed Method: vertically or circular Time: small areas, around 15-20 minutes, full body, 30-40 minutes Use daily not more than 2 hours *those with weaker body, elderly and young children do not need as much time, use sweat as an indication. 

1. start with palms and move onto bottom of the foot for about 1-2 minutes each 

2. use on the back for 2-3 minutes Room Temperatures: Cold: in a 25.c room Warm: in room temperature

  (1) starting from the center of the spine, move up and down 

  (2) from spine, move sideways left and right and move to buttocks 

  (3) arms: starting from the shoulders, move towards the hand and fingers 

  (4) lower limbs: starting from the buttocks, move towards sides and move downwards to legs and  toes 

  (5) chest: starting from the neck, move down to the collar bone and chest, avoid the nipple 

  (6) upper limbs: starting from the ribs, move towards the center and move to lower limbs 

  (7) head area: starting from the top of the head, move in circular motion around the head (face):   move in circular motion around the face Additional techniques: flu: below 38.5c, use basic techniques (back + chest+ head+ face+ feet) 1. sore throat: basic technique + focus on neck 2. coughing: basic technique + focus on neck + shoulder 

3. toothache: basic technique + limbs + stomach area 

4. knee pain: basic technique + focus on knee + liver area + spleen area 

5. face: basic technique + face area + liver area + spleen area 

6. blood pressure: blood pressure 170~95 and above high blood pressure: basic technique + liver area + spleen area + limbs + feet low blood pressure: basic technique, short amount of time is recommended, use on whole body, 10~15 minutes 

7. myocardial infraction: basic technique + liver area + spleen area + limbs + feet + chest area 

8. cerebral infraction hemiplegia: basic technique + liver area + spleen area + limbs + feet + head area 

9. diabetes: basic technique + limbs + feet + liver area + spleen area 

10. psoriasis: basic technique + focus on area 

11. gynecological diseases, inconsistent menstrual cycle: basic technique + back area + abdomen + liver area + spleen area + uterus area 

12. runny nose, phlegm: basic technique + focus on area + lung area 

13. obese, menopause, cramps: basic technique + back area + chest + liver area + spleen area + abdomen 14. hearing problems, insomnia: basic technique + back area + liver area + spleen area + head area 

15. shortsightedness: basic technique + back area + liver area + eye area 

16. rheumatism: throat area technique + back area + liver area + spleen area 

17. beauty effect: from the chin, move upwards ,use the other hand to massage the chin for 5~10 minutes

18. burns: circular motions 

19. lipoma: basic technique + liver area + spleen area + focus on needed area 


1. cold, gassy: hand food mouth sickness, hands, fingers, neck, stomach, knees, feet etc: when using Terahertz treatment, it will discharge the unhealthy gasses. Usually start with the hands and palms, feet, and then start with torso and body. When using on body, move vertically. When affected area is painful, focus on area. 

2. there is a possibility of symptoms, usually during treatment. 

3. symptoms will appear from time to time 

4. few hours after treatment, is it advised to not drink cold beverages, no cold food, sitting under air conditioning is not-recommended, no showers, to enhance the treatment's affect. 

5. treatment duration depends on the severity of sickness/condition. those with weaker body is recommended to use treatment for a shorter time than normal. 

Before and after treatment, please drink a cup of WARM water. 4 hours after treatment, you can shower. When the treatment is working, you will feel slight soreness, visible redness, blisters/crystals on treated area, these are ordinary symptoms. 

DISCLAIMER: first time users might experience pain, itchiness, constipation, light fever, blisters/crystals, depending on your body.

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